Sunday, February 20, 2011

Orange Juice

When perusing the grocery store shelves for some juice, I discovered that, of the major brands of orange juice, Florida's Natural is grown and packaged entirely in the USA.  I think it tastes great and I'll reach for it before I'll go for one of the competitors.

What a fantastic weekend!

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Belts and holsters

If you are needing a belt that is well made, and bulletproof....Or at least as tough as nails, take a look at The Holster Site . I ordered one of his belts and loved it so much that I ordered a second, this time in basketweave.

These things are very well made, stitched and glued to perfection. Lined with, I believe, a kevlar weave between the two layers of leather. They come with an awesome warranty and are built like a brick outhouse.

I was so impressed that he and I are now discussing a custom holster for my 1911. It likely won't be cheap, but I am willing to pay well for my gunleather as long as it is well built and functional, and I think that, based upon my experience with the belt(s) that it will be.

His leather is (mostly) sourced from the US, and each item is assembled in the US, by a US citizen no less.

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