Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I had to move around my emergency kit some last weekend (the truck version) and came across my emergency flashlight. I store it without batteries and have a fresh unopened set of batteries and the flashlight in an old sock, together. Now, I love my Maglites. I love my little LED lights. I love my Surefire. That said, when I think "Flashlight" this is the image that comes to mind. .

  The Brightstar is the quintessentail "original" Flashlight and they are as durable as a brick. They're all plastic on the outside, which means they can be used inside electrical cabinets (Some older models had metal screws holding the switch on but I think that is now gone on all models) and a three D cell version costs $11 something. They are designed for industrial use- the light wands you see cops using and most airport ground people are usually brightstars. No, it doesn't have high technology ultra super bright bulbs or whatever, but they work for about 19 hours before needing battery replacement. Brightstar has moved up to some fancier models and they certainly do compete with the higher end flashlights in many arenas, but the original, ubiquitous BrightStar, still the familiar black and yellow, still damned near indestructible, is still Made in the USA. At $12, I find myself wondering why I don't have a few more of these.