Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ace Gun Cases

I've been directed to Ace Cases. I don't know anythying about them other than they claim to be all made in USA. They have a pretty good range of US made soft gun cases available online. I DO know about Liberty Sporting of St Louis MO, because there's a little korean guy who comes to EVERY gun show and sells them. :ast show I bought an M1 carbine case.

The Ace cases are very similar in appearance. If anyone has one I'd appreciate a review. The Liberty cases are just fine- soft linings, heavy duty nylon zippers that won't scratch wood or plastic.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

L.S. Starrett

Made in Athol (No, thath not a lisping way of thaying asshole) Massachusets, is a Made in America product reminded me by Rich of Rich's Garage.

Starrett products are about the best in the industry-they don't come close to comparing to even the best Japanese stuff. The feel and action of Starrett mikes and other tools are like no other.

I intensely dislike Starrett dial test indicators, but otherwise the stuff they make is very, very good, and it's still made here. Thanks, Rich, for the reminder. Damned good stuff, that.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stihl chainsaws

I've got a cheapo poulan saw that I bought out of necessity some years back, but I had a friend come cut some wood for me with his Stihl.

Stihl stuff appears to mostly be made in the USA. I know the saw I used had a 24" bar, but it seemed to do a lot better with a 20". So it seemed as if they overrated the power of the saw just a bit, and buying a bigger saw for a slightly smaller blade seemed to be an excellent idea.

I've used a couple different chainsaws, but the Stihl and the Husky were the best, and the Stihl, being US made, gets my dollar, next time I need one.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


How could I be so stupid as to omit Zippo?

Yeah, they have a great product, yeah it's made right here, but FIRE!!!

Thanks, Art.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Case knives

I know I'm an anachronism because I don't like "Tactical" knives. I'm surrounded by people carrying the latest quick-opening Tanto, and the best Spyderco, but they all look hideous to me. SO I carry traditional knives, the Stockman style being my personal favorite all purpose knife. And there is no better manufacturer of these than Case.

I carried Uncle henry knives for a while, and hated that they went to China. I still keep my eyes open for old carbon steel ones at gunshows. I have carried a couple fo the chinese Uncle Henry knives, and they are, actually, remarkably good quality- but I try to support US makers, which is the point of this site. SO when the supply of old stock carbon steel Buck stockman knives dries up, I'll be settling on Case. I have a couple already, and as they wear or get lost, that's what I'll be using.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Master Lock

While I am of the opinion that a lock just keeps honest people out of spaces you would prefer they not be in, and are worthless for real security, It would seem that Master Lock is returning its production to Milwaukee, WI from China.

Might be worth a thought next time you need a lock. 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Precision Cartridge

There'sa guy right here in the midwest that does decent quality range ammo, and he sells it to police departments and private individuals. His prices are decent, and he knows what the hell he's doing. Dennis Fossey, the Proprietor, is a grouchy old cuss who loves cash customers and people who arent' full of shit. If you don't get along well with Dennis, you're probably full of shit.

Anyway, visit his website. He ships all over the damned place, everywhere legal, anyway.

Chop Rite Meat grinders

Reccomended by Roger, are ACTUAL CAST IRON MEAT GRINDERS!!!! Damn, they look nice. And they have a website! Nice looking stuff- they have sausage stuffers, meat grinders, and cherry stoners! Damned shame they don't make flour mills. And of course, made right here. Dang, now I want one.

Other boots

Nocona boots. Now part of Justin, they too have begun making some boots elsewhere, but for the most part, are still made here.

Like Danner, these are not cheap, but are quality boots that last and are comfortable.

The Rackulator

reccomended to me by Violent Indifference, is one of those little electronic gadgets that we all love, but unlike MOST of them, this one is made right here.

Unfortunate name, though. Seems like the name of this device

Cabelas Socks

I don't know how the hell they do it, but Cabelas sells good quality mens socks- black with reinforced soles, and white with reinforced soles, three pair for 12 bucks retail, and often on sale for $9. I have been wearing them for ages, and they are some hella good socks. I have not yet tried their Made in USA wool socks, but I suspect the quality is also good. I will review them as soon as I get some.

Danner Boots

I have a pair of Danner Desert Acadias. Danner has begun to make some boots elsewhere, but I can and will and do unequivocally state, the Arcadias are the most supportive and best fitting boots I have ever worn.


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