Saturday, January 1, 2011

Other boots

Nocona boots. Now part of Justin, they too have begun making some boots elsewhere, but for the most part, are still made here.

Like Danner, these are not cheap, but are quality boots that last and are comfortable.


  1. Ooh, cool boots. I like the Danners because of the support but the Noconas are actual pretty boots.

  2. I wear 'em nearly every day, they support my feet very well. Sometimes for 30+ hours at a time. (of course, they ain't cheap, but they last). I generally resole them about 4 times before the leather splits, that takes about 4 years or so. Then I have 'em sewn up and they become work boots.

  3. I'm wearing a pair of my Noconas today actually. I've been regularly wearing this pair of boots over five years and still get compliments on them. I was an Italian shoe junkie until I started wearing western boots and went domestic on my footwear. I wish there was a U.S. company making a decent leather athletic-style shoe. Well, maybe I better get on that.