Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stihl chainsaws

I've got a cheapo poulan saw that I bought out of necessity some years back, but I had a friend come cut some wood for me with his Stihl.

Stihl stuff appears to mostly be made in the USA. I know the saw I used had a 24" bar, but it seemed to do a lot better with a 20". So it seemed as if they overrated the power of the saw just a bit, and buying a bigger saw for a slightly smaller blade seemed to be an excellent idea.

I've used a couple different chainsaws, but the Stihl and the Husky were the best, and the Stihl, being US made, gets my dollar, next time I need one.


  1. I have a Stihl Pro Trimmer for yard clean up out here ~ that sucker is so svelt, I drool over it more than I do chocolate or shoes.


  2. Mr B reminds me that there is a caveat on the Stihl, some are made here, and some are not. Check the box before you buy!!