Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Case knives

I know I'm an anachronism because I don't like "Tactical" knives. I'm surrounded by people carrying the latest quick-opening Tanto, and the best Spyderco, but they all look hideous to me. SO I carry traditional knives, the Stockman style being my personal favorite all purpose knife. And there is no better manufacturer of these than Case.

I carried Uncle henry knives for a while, and hated that they went to China. I still keep my eyes open for old carbon steel ones at gunshows. I have carried a couple fo the chinese Uncle Henry knives, and they are, actually, remarkably good quality- but I try to support US makers, which is the point of this site. SO when the supply of old stock carbon steel Buck stockman knives dries up, I'll be settling on Case. I have a couple already, and as they wear or get lost, that's what I'll be using.

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  1. When Schrade closed, we (the company I worked for) were attendees at the auction for the machinery to be left behind.

    Nothing of interest there, but there was a factory collection of every Schrade/Old Timer knife ever made; it was enough to make a knife guys knees go weak.

    Sadly, it was not up for sale.