Saturday, January 22, 2011

L.S. Starrett

Made in Athol (No, thath not a lisping way of thaying asshole) Massachusets, is a Made in America product reminded me by Rich of Rich's Garage.

Starrett products are about the best in the industry-they don't come close to comparing to even the best Japanese stuff. The feel and action of Starrett mikes and other tools are like no other.

I intensely dislike Starrett dial test indicators, but otherwise the stuff they make is very, very good, and it's still made here. Thanks, Rich, for the reminder. Damned good stuff, that.


  1. Have to agree with you on the indicators. I had a last word indicator(recommended by old timer when first getting into trade)which I promptly replaced with a Browne and Sharpe besttest .oooo5 indicator. Have been using same for about 15 years with no issues. Also have a .ooo5 browne and sharpe for rough work.

  2. The very best, when you can find them, are swiss. Interapis test indicators are the awesome- but I paid $160 for mine twenty years ago. THey're not cheap.

  3. I purchased a starett combination square about 12 years ago. It was $70 compared to the slew of $10 - $15 one at the builders supply store. What a difference! Accuracy you can count on and very smooth operation. Great tool.