Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wadsworth Tool

This is a Wadsworth Tool kit. It is the finest screwdriver set in the world, bar none. it is expensive, but it's worth it. I've had mine for about twelve years now, and I get very upset if it goes missing for even a few minutes.

I just got done putting a new DPFE sensor on the Exploder, and I'm damned if I know how I'd have done it without this tool.


  1. Nice, but too many loose pieces. I'll stick with this: - the Klein 11-in-1 driver, also a MadeInUSA, with all pieces captive and pretty much unloseable.

  2. JC the Klein's OK if all you're doing is installing electrical outlets. I'm the most disorganized person on earth, and have not yet lost any pieces to my Wadsworth set. All depens on what you're doing for a living- I couldn't do my gig without the Wad.

  3. You really can't beat the Wadsworth Falls toolkit; I have used one for years and I wouldn't be without it. The 3-degree ratchet is especially handy.

    The manufacturer is nice to deal with, too. They're happy to sell individual bits, etc.

    JC, the bits aren't "loose," either -- the plastic bars that retain them are quite grippy.

  4. I have the Chapman mini-kit, almost as nice, certainly about as small - but really not in the same league. The screwdriver tips, while gun-safe, are soft. I use the handle for a shellholder grip, when I trim to length.