Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Skin Care Products, Made in America....

Preface to FTC, FCC, or whoever the hell else cares--I bought and paid for these products myself--more than once, thank you very much.....

I'm always searching for the least-chemical, healthiest stuff for my face and body that actually works.  I've recently found a place, in the USA, that fits the bill.  Plus they are sustainable beekeepers, which I think is pretty nice.

Meadowlake Farm, has honey-based  and other organic skin care products.  I got their Flawless face cream, their face wash, a couple bars of soap.  Later I tried some of their honey salve with hive isolates as well as their face cream with hive isolates.  I've also got some of their jewelweed soap and salve in wait for when I wander through the poison ivy again. 

While the soap is soap, the rest of their products that I've tried have been fantastic.  No breakouts, better looking skin, everything you want in a product.  I have a friend with rosacea who tried their products (Flawless and Cream with Hive Isolates as well as their toner and face wash) and can now go without heavy foundation to cover the redness.  Truly good stuff.  While face stuff is pretty personal, I've got a sample of two whole people who are wickedly happy with their products.  They seem pretty pricey, but you get a pretty huge jar of stuff (I usually have littler jars that I put stuff in so I don't contaminate the big jar.

Just my opinion, and it's nice to find something that works for me.

I know this is a bit more girly than some other posts on here, but Og, the blog-starter, said he didn't mind my adding a bit of the feminine to the mix.


  1. Thank you for the intro to their products. The hives isolate is one of the few creams I can use on my very tender white skin without irritation, that truly and deeply moisturizes.

    I also used the wound salve when I got a NASTY gash on my lower leg in the field, no biohazards thankfully, but I was expecting a scar. It's so light as to not be noticeable.

  2. And here's another American company, this one owned by an Appleseed instructor and focused on the Southwest where it tends to be just a tad drier.

    Bluefeather Premium Soaps and Body Care:

    I understand their Medicated Goo is especially good for hot brass burns. Bought it, but haven't needed it as yet.

  3. Windrider - thanks for the link!